I enjoy “Conversational Spanish for Adults” because of the phonetics — it helps you understand proper pronunciation. Also, I like learning phrases for conversational Spanish.
John Nawrocki

Conversational Spanish for Adults” is the best method to learn a new language! Throughout the book Spanish is stated first, followed by English, then the phonetic spelling for the Spanish words. Each chapter deals with everyday situations, i.e. family, dining out, clothing, sports, holidays, etc. As adults, what better way to expand our brains learning a new language while having fun?
Donna Chiurazzi

I learned more Spanish using “Conversational Spanish for Adults — Seeing What You’re Hearing” than I did from an intensive US State Department Spanish course.
Ron Pikus

Level 1  text became a wonderful addition to my language experience.  My first exposure to this language was when my son spent kindergarten in “immersion”.  I was then, a full time Mom,  but now a working professional with a very irregular schedule.   The book allows me to “start anywhere”  and not be behind as each chapter focuses on something specific like shopping or ordering food in a restaurant and  can stand alone.  With my schedule I can drop in or out of order and still have a meaningful experience.
Andrea Dixon